Sunday, March 2, 2014

Deseret News!!

On July 14, 2013, I did another Half Marathon. This one was extra fun because Mom, Dad, Julianne, JJ and me all did it together. Well we didn't run it together, but it is such a process to do these races. I'll tell about my race and then copy my mom's blog for the rest of the story. This race like all the other's I have done was well prepared for. I worked hard all year losing weight (I lost about 55 of my 60 pounds I needed to loose from Sierra) and I was running a ton. This was my 3rd 1/2 marathon and I still hadn't been able to beat the 2 hour mark. I knew Julianne was faster than me, but told her I would run with her as long as I could. Up at the top it was freezing cold and we had to wait around a long time to actually start. I was still nursing Sierra so I tried to pump a little bit but it was too cold. Not a good combo ;) Anyway just before the race most of us got split up, it was pretty crazy up there. I was still with Julianne and we started off running together. I was having a great day and feeling of top of the world. We ran our first 7 miles together and I think we were keeping about a 7-8 minute mile. Julianne kept telling me we needed to slow down, but I was running as fast as I could :) I absolutely love the feeling of being well trained for a race and running down the canyon (most big races run down canyons). About mile 7.5 I started getting really tired so I told Julianne to go on ahead. I could see her for a while, but eventually she ran out of view. I listened to Taylor Swift the whole time, she is my go to running friend :) I remember one time around mile 8, it happened. It has happened a lot before, it is always in a race when I feel it. It is what everyone describes as a Runner's High. Usually it makes me cry. It almost feels like you are floating and you feel amazing! When I feel like this, it is mostly gratitude. To be back on the road again after another baby, another pregnancy. To have a body that can run. I'm so grateful that my parents taught me to run all those years ago. I have officially been running races for 26 years now!! I have never been fast. I don't care. 1/2 my family is incredibly fast, that's not me. I don't even time myself most of the time (the only reason I knew our pace here was because of Julianne). About mile 10 I knew I was going to make the 2 mile mark. I called Doug (he had to get all the kids up and dressed and to the finish line, not to mention walk over a mile because of the parade by like 7:30 am) anyway I called him several times because I really wanted them there. He was running with all the kids to try to beat me there. By mile 10 there was no more down hill and I was really slowing down. The 1:40 pacer passed me, the 1:50 pacer passed me. It's hard to know your exact time because your time starts the second you cross the start line. Running down the parade route was fun, but most of the people weren't even awake yet. When I hit the final stretch my whole family was there. Julianne and JJ had already come in and Julianne yelled for me to sprint so I could make the 2 hour mark. I was really tired by then and started crying a little bit. The 2 hour pacer passed me and beat me by about 10 seconds. Right as I was finishing the 1st marathoner was coming in so there were police men everywhere and people cheering like crazy. I felt silly coming in with him :) I was so happy to be finished. My kids were all so cute running in with me and it was so much fun to have almost my entire Orgill family there!! I'm so thankful for Doug who supports my running and takes care of everything at home during my months of training! When my final time came in I finished about 1:58:00!! I had two minutes to spare :) Julianne finished exactly 10 minutes before me and JJ finished exactly 10 minutes before her!! I can't remember my parents time!  I was so excited, now I can stop trying to beat that 2 hour mark!! :) It has been 8 months now since I have run this, and I haven't run more than 5 miles since that day, but I'll get back, I just need to sign up for another race. Maybe next year !!

we left the house at 3 am and drove up to Rice Eccles stadium and met Rochelle there
We loaded to buses shortly after
we sayt down in the back of the bus
Me and Joe all set up in our seat
Now a picture of JJ, Julianne and Rochelle, all smiles so far
I took this picture from the back of the bus and the bus driver got on the inter-calm and said to not take pictures becuase it blinds her and she doesn't want to get in an accident, whoopsy, of course people turned around and looked at me and of course I looked around like it wasn't me
We got to the start spot and we immediately got in line for the porta potties  
It was so cold up there, we had and hour and a half before the race was to start, I found this small piece of Mylar and we took turns huddling in that
JJ looks a bit cold and Rochelle had her snuggy warm sweat shirt on
JJ finds a seat
We had fun visiting while we waited
Finally at 6 am the race starts

Joe came in an hour after me, he was the oldest runner in the race
Julianne finished in on hour and 45 min
She was there to give Joe an hive five when he finished
Joe has to stop his watch, we can't have it longer than it was
So cute, Hunter running with his mom the last little bit, 
Rochelle got a bit choked up when she saw her family waiting at the finish line, she finished at 1 hour 58 min
JJ ran it in on hour and  and 35 min, he was cruzin 
Rochelle and Julianne ran together for the first half of the race, they had too much fun
What a fun thing it was to have the grandkids run the last bit of the race with me, It gave me the strength I needed to finish, I love it
Davey said, hey, kiss your participation badge, so we did 
We made it!, We got interviewed by channel 4 news, We must have been a sight I guess, We watched the news later but we never made it on, oh well, it was fun anyways/
Everyone running grandpa in , what an amazing sight! I love it!
JJ , Davey and Zade ran the last mile with dad, sooooooooooo cute! I love it and love the support

Julianne is flying
JJ is flying
Joe gets his picture at the end of the race, I love Kaylee looking at grandpa like he is amazing
Me and dad got smiles, all done, whew
Me at the finish line with the grandkids that ran in with me, so cute, I love it
Picture of our feet and me barefoot
Banana's at the end of the race
Thought there were drinks in there and found a guy sitting in the ice water
the kids sure had fun on this jumpolene while the parade was going on and we were waiting for all the runners to come in
Sierra having fun on daddy's shoulders, so cute
Little Naomi has smiles for grandma, so cute that she was smiling so cute
we all got participation ribbons
jumpolene and Popsicles what more do you want
Dalan found a good spot

Kaylee found a good spot

Chell's kids all supporting their mom and so glad she made it


Ellie Graduates from Preschool (for the 3rd time:)

What can I say, back then she was a little girl and she went to Kindergarten, cut her hair and now she is all grown up. Sniff Sniff :) I am so glad I got to be one of her teachers this year. As long as I have willing neighbors I am going to do this for the rest of my kids!! The twins joined in this graduation, but they didn't go to this Preschool (only at my house) (I did another one for them with Jeanette and Angela:)

Hunter turns 8!!

It's great to be 8!! Turning 8 is so much fun. Hunter got to be baptized and start scouts! He is so ready for a little more responsibility in his life and always makes such good choices! 
Some of Hunters Favorite things are
The color Green
Mashed Pototoes
Friends: Phoenix, Ben, Zade
Mint Ice cream
Playing with Dalan
Jr. Jazz

 Oh and Ellie got her hair cut short after her bday photos so I had to throw her in some of them even though she wasn't ready for photos (and usually doesn't wear skirts this short :)