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Standing Quietly - Veterans Representing Veterans

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Blessing Day

Chase got blessed on December 28th! I was such a special day. I do have to admit it was a stressful time. The Orgills are still here and there is a lot of craziness in the house. The week before - Davey's whole family got strep, and then Doug got it and then Dalan got it the night before the blessing. We had the blessing this day because Doug's nephew was getting married on Tuesday and a lot of the California family was here. Well the morning of a lot of people called and said they weren't coming because they were sick, and then 1/2 the people didn't want to come over because of Dalan having strep. Totally understandable. Any way because of all that we didn't get our usual pictures but that's ok. The blessing was so special and Doug got to come to church with us (it has been 5 months since he has been to church with us because of his calling as a high counselor he attends a different ward) The blessing he gave Chase was so special. Chase didn't cry at all (I always stress about that) and the blessing was beautiful. He was blessed to be happy and good and go on a mission and marry in the temple. He was reminded of how much he is loved in our family (and boy is he). He was also blessed with the ability to love and not only be loved. I didn't write anything down, but that is what stuck out in my head the most was the part about love. I have been blessed with incredible good babies. That being said I think he may be my fussiest, so he gets held a lot. Luckily he is happy when he is being held and he does take at least one-two good long naps everyday, and sleeps really well snuggled up to me at night so I can't complain.  With all the kids in the house I am afraid to set him down downstairs so he gets held a lot:) I'm so grateful for my husband and the priesthood that he carries, honors and blesses our family with. His new calling has been a little hard on me because I have had to get all the kids up, dressed, fed and to church by 8:50 for the last 5 months. But I am also thankful for the opportunity he has to serve and to grow.  With the new year and change of schedules he now gets to go to church with us again (although he will have already been to 2 hours of meetings and 3 hours of church every sunday)! I am grateful that he serves happily without complaining and that we will be blessed because of that. I'm grateful to be a Mom and to have another little spirit join our family. I love them all so much and feel heaven so close when they are new.

And then there were 7

I usually try to write this post in the hospital because if I don't, then 7 weeks go by and I still haven't written it. But better late than never :)

November 17, 2014 brought into the world Baby Chase. My pregnancy was really hard this time. Really hard. I think it was a combination of being older, already having 6 kids, living in a new huge home, moving and trying to unpack, and having my brother, his wife and their 4 kids living with us. I never expected them to still be here when our baby was born, but their house took 5 months longer than expected. Anyway I was so nervous to go into early labor again since I did last time, but it never happened. I gained a lot of weight again this time so even walking at the end got really hard. It's a good thing I don't keep a daily blog because there would probably be too much complaining :). November 17 was a Monday, 5 days before my due date. Dalan, Hunter and Ellie begged to come with us for the birth so we decided to let them. We all woke up at 6 am and ate breakfast and left. We were supposed to be there by 7am but I don't think we got there until 7:45. There was so much excitement and nervousness in the room. I was hoping and praying things would go smoothly not for obvious reasons, but also because my kids were there. I didn't have an epidural last time, but I was so excited to get one this time. I went back and forth on whether I wanted one or not, but then I remembered I promised myself I would never do that again last time, and plus I have insurance to pay for it this time. I told the doctor it would be less than an hour after I got my epidural that he would come and it was only about 45 minutes. At first my kids were so nervous, I tried to explain everything that I could to them, but really nothing can prepare them. The anesthesiologist wanted them to leave the room while I got my epidural. It's funny I always remember it hurting so much, but this time it didn't really hurt at all. I think it hurt more to get my IV (although that didn't really hurt either). From there I laid down and felt a warm feeling going down my body until it hit my feet. I was so happy to have an epidural. I fell asleep for a quick nap and when I woke they checked me. The student nurse checked first and said I was at a 6, but it felt complete to me so the real nurse checked and I was at a 10! The doctor came in, I lifted my legs and pushed 2 times. He came out on the second push, all at once. There was so much excitement in the air. It was SO FUN having my kidsin there with me. Ellie decided to watch the whole thing, Hunter kind of peaked and Dalan stayed in a chair up by my head. Dalan wanted to cut the cord, but tried to chicken out when it came down to it, but the doctor was so nice and patient and talked him into it. Holding Baby Chase was so much fun and I loved watching my other kids with him. I used to think it was weird to invite your kids to your delivery, but they wanted to come and I'm so glad they did. Although they all said it was disgusting, they all loved it too. They got to push the cart when he went to and from the baby nursery. One thing they did different this time is they don't take the baby until he nurses 2 or 3 times. So that was nice we got to spend a lot more time right at the very beginning.

I only stayed 1 day in the hospital because well, it's way more fun at home and besides they charge you like $4000 for that 2nd day and even though my insurance was paying for it, I just couldn't justify it.  They didn't let me sleep much even coming in at 12:30 to draw blood and then back in at 7 am to get him for his circumcision (I had to do that without Doug there:( Not fun)
He was born at 9lbs 3 oz and 21inches. 1 oz bigger than Dalan. Doug was so excited that I had another really big baby :)

I've done this a lot before. I was so grateful for an uneventful delivery. He has some fluid in his kidneys that we need to keep getting checked out. We have already been to primary Children's hospital 2 times for xrays and ultrasounds. There has been a lot of worry in the back of my mind, but so far the fluid is not increasing so we aren't doing anything. I was so glad to have him in my arms, I just cried and cried after he was born. I felt so blessed and so grateful to have him in our family. Welcome to our family Chase, you are very loved....

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Our Dave Ramsey Story Part 1

7 years ago we got the great idea to build a new house and sell our current house. For some reason we thought we needed a 6,000 square foot house for our then 3 children.  Anyway we put our house on the market and bought a lot and chose a house to be build. Luckily it was contingent upon the sell of our current home. When our house had been on the market for about 2.5 months my friend invited me to go to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University Class. I went by myself so Doug could watch the kids and then he would listen to the CD and we would talk about it. I have never been a crazy money spender but ever since I started college I never had money in the bank and I always had some debt with someone somewhere (although I did graduate from college with only about $2000 in debt with no help from my parents - it was still debt) (and I was only paying $50 per month on it). Doug had a lot of debt when I met him. We spent a lot of time paying on all of that. Until we met Dave (through DVD, I've never actually met him) we put what ever we needed to buy on Credit Cards and then paid them off and then when we needed something else we did it again. We had car loans, student loans, parent loans, cc loans etc etc. We always used CC to pay for things for the business - always. Anyway after the first Dave Ramsey lesson I was at my moms and I was flipping through the book and I saw that he recommended that in order to buy a house you should have 20% down and be able to afford it on a 15 year loan. :( I immediately told Doug that we would start following Dave Ramsey the second we got into our new home!! After a few more days I realized that the home that we could afford was the one we were in. I was a little sad to take our home off the market, but we did it. That same month we went in and refinanced from a 30 year loan to a 15 year loan. He suggested that if you can drop your interest rate 1% it is worth it to refinance. Well since we only had 5% down when we bought the house and we were self employed our interest rate was 6.5% and we were able to drop it into 4% range. We knocked 11 years off of our loan and our payment only went up about $75 per month! Why didn't I think of that?? After one more year when interest rates dropped again we did another no cost refinance to a 10 year loan and got it into the 3% range and dropped 4 more years and our payment only went up about $150.  Anyway (back up to before the house story) Dave's first step is to get $1000 in the bank for an emergency fund. It was kind of funny because that week I had just randomly gotten about a $1000 photo order from a wedding (we usually don't sell prints) and I was so excited to go buy a new kitchen table with the unexpected money.  When I heard him tell us to do that, I knew I wasn't buying the new kitchen table. For the first time I can remember I looked for a big purchase on KSL. We bought a beautiful table for about $500 that was probably nicer than the one we wanted to buy brand new. Anyway from there we worked hard and started our debt snowball and paid off our debts smallest to largest until they were all gone! Meanwhile we had twins and when baby #6 was on the way we needed a new car to fit all 8 of us. Instead of taking out a loan like we had with every other car we have ever owned we saved up the cash and when it was time to buy the car right before Sierra was born, we bought a 10 year old Suburban because it was the nicest one we could afford. Afford has taken on a whole new meaning to me. Our business is crazy we never know if it will be feast or famine. Booking 2-3 weddings per month can make all the difference to us, but what if they don't book, or what if the wedding gets called off. Its a crazy financial life to say the least to have no idea how much money you will make that month/week/year. BUT we have been doing this full time almost our entire marriage and we have always been ok.  Anyway there were 4 of us that I knew that took the class together (my parents, Davey and April, and Laura and Nate) and within about 2 years all of us were debt free. So what has happened since then??? Well after 7 years (and baby #7 on the way) we decided to buy the exact same house that we were going to build 7 years ago. But our patience paid off! We were able to buy the house for about $75,000 less plus the yard is put in, the basement is finished, cement curbing is in, plantation blinds, rooms painted, shelving in the garage, crown molding in a lot of the house, stamped patio in the back yard, shed in the back yard. Sure there are poky weeds everywhere, gopher holes, the weeds were 2 feet high and the carpet is a little stained in places, but those are all things we can work with. And the best part we were able to put over 30% down and put it on a 15 year loan. Our payment only went up about $150 per month from our old house which was 1/3 the size.

So the reason I called this part 1 is that I feel like we haven't been progressing like I want to especially in retirement savings (we are supposed to be saving 15% of our income for retirement) plus a lot of other steps. But last month we sold our kitchen table for almost the same amount that we bought it for 7 years ago and it was like a huge moment for me. I realized how far we have come in the last 7 years and how much Dave Ramsey changed our lives for the better. And how much I learned by simply not buying that kitchen table that I wanted.

A little disclaimer - I am not sharing this to brag. Our financial situation is hardly something to brag about. I only want to motivate others to take his class and make the changes they want to make! I'm so glad Laura invited me and I totally need to keep going on his baby steps so that we can have Financial Peace :)

New Life!!

Well it has been so long since I have been a regular blogger :(. One day I plan on coming back though :) We have been in our new home for almost 3 months now and we are loving it! Davey and April moved in 2 months ago (and were planning on staying about 2-3 months) but it looks like they will be here over 6 months or more. Who knows because they still aren't even finished with the road that they are going to build their house on. We love having them here though. It will be quite the adjustment when they leave! It has also been nice for my kids to have friends while they are making new friends, I think it made the adjustment easier. Like I have said before for some reason we were supposed to move here. I have felt like this for years, not just Eagle Mountain but this neighborhood. it is nice to finally be here! We were so welcomed here and everyone has been so nice. Every time someone does something for us I always think, "wow I have never thought of doing that for someone new" it is amazing to me all of the love that we have been shown. We are all adjusting very nicely. The kids are loving the new school, even though they still miss North Pointe, everyone is getting used to the idea that we are not going back to our old house..... I still randomly cry when something reminds me of our old house and it makes me miss it though. I have a new calling as the 17 year old sunday school teacher. I like it a lot. It is a lot different than my Primary calling. I decided to split up the twins in different classes and since I am not in there all of their behavior problems they were having before seem to be gone! And Sierra just loves nursery!!!!! (She loved it in our other ward too). I don't think I have had a kid like nursery at first yet:). Doug got called to be the 1st counselor in the Sunday School Presidency which I was really happy about because it is a really "easy" calling. lol. But then 2 weeks ago he got a call from the Stake President and we went in and he got called to be a Stake High Counselor. Call me crazy but I was under the impression that high councilmen made announcements in other wards and spoke once a month or something. I had no idea that he wouldn't be coming to our ward anymore and last week he was in meetings for like 10 hours and he has already been gone 3 nights this week. He is loving it though and for the first time (I think ever) we were on time for church last week lol. My kids were actually really good and it wasn't too bad. We'll see how it goes when I have the baby though. Hopefully it will all just flow naturally. I try not to think about the future too much :).  Doug is amazing though and I know our family will be blessed because of his service and we need all the blessings we can get! Everybody loves him here :)  Anyway it has been so nice to move into a house that we didn't build. As much fun as it was to build a house when we were newly wed, I am so grateful for all that the previous owners did to this house. I love every thing about it, there were so many things I absolutely hated about my old house. It was nice that we got so many offers because it made me remember why I loved that house in the first place and how much work we put into it over the years. Anyway that was just a quick update about our new life here. Maybe one day I'll post pictures, but right now there is too much stuff here and I'm just too tired. lol

Goodbye!!!!! (I forgot to post this when I moved:)

Today as we spend our last weekend here at our home of 9.5 years I just have to say goodbye!! It seems like such a short time ago when Tony Hadlock came into our house in PG and told us he had just bought a lot in Lehi for $500!! We didn't know Tony very well at the time and he was working for us, but his excitement got us excited and we went to Lehi that day and bought the last lot in the neighborhood! It turns out that $500 was just to hold your spot, but we were in. We had a very small lot, but a few people dropped out and we switched lots 2 times and ended up with our current lot which was much bigger and right next door to the Hadlocks. Dalan was 2 months old at the time. It took several months to design and build our home. It was so much fun and we took everyone out to see the vacant lot and then the progress of the house countless times. We watched all our neighbors houses go up wondering who they would be. At the end of January 2005 it was finally time for us to move in!! By this time we had gotten to know the Hadlocks better and our good friends the Hatch's. It was so fun to move in already having a few friends. We were so excited about our huge 2,000 square foot home!!! Although I was sad to leave PG, the city where I met my husband and lived for the first 2 years of marriage we were so excited to be home owners! Things have moved so quickly and in this post I mostly want to say goodbye to a wonderful neighborhood! When we moved into our home our current church wasn't built and so we went to church in the other neighborhood and there was about 1,000 people in that ward. The ward split 3 times in the first few years of living here. It was hard living in such a growing area, but also fun because we were able to get to know all the people from the surrounding areas before we split off from them. In the early days there were lots of sod parties and move ins. It was a great time to serve each other and get to know each other. I don't really know how to share how I am feeling. I am leaving here a completely different person then I came here. I have been served in ways that I didn't even know I needed. We as a ward have watched so many come and go. We have said goodbye to Mothers and Fathers who left this earth too soon. We have cried with families who have laid their children to rest. We have seen divorce, and heart ache. We have seen neighbors lose their homes. I've seen neighbors choose to walk away from the gospel, but even more decide to come back to full activity. We have seen countless babies born and miracles happen with so many of them. So many of us have been here since the beginning. Our houses are so close together we can literally hear each other talking if we step outside. It is here that I have learned how to be a better person. I learned how to visit teach. I learned how to be a better mother. I learned how to be a better friend. I learned how to help someone who just had a baby. I learned how to help someone who couldn't have a baby. I have watched in amazement as so many people have served faithfully in callings that they didn't ask for or even desire. We have been blessed with AMAZING neighbors right here on our corner of the loop. In the early days here I'm pretty sure I spent every day at Angela Hadlocks house while we watched our little ones grow up. I feel like everyone here is family and I could ask any of them to do anything. I never experienced good neighbors like this growing up. I still look back confused at how long it took us to become friends with the Page's - our across the street neighbors. I met them really when she was pregnant with her twins, I had Ellie the same month. She has been the person who helped me the most. She was the only who knew what it was really like to have twins (both our twins were #4 and #5). She always knew what to do to help after I had mine. She has been driving carpool since we lost our buses which has meant more to me than she will know. We all know how much work it is to load up little ones 2-3 times a day just to do carpool. She watches my kids whenever I am in a bind and not only helps whenever I need it but is so fun to hang out with as well. Our kids never miss a day playing with each other and we are still trying to talk them into moving with us :). I have never felt like a needy person but have learned that everyone needs help sometimes. A couple of years ago Doug was in the hospital because his heart hurt. (He had swelling in the lining of his heart which was probably the best case scenario). It was so scary. We also learned that another brother was in the hospital (which was coincidental because Doug was the Elders Quorum President and the other brother was the High Priest Group Leader) Anyway his wife happened to be my visiting teacher. You can imagine my surprise when she showed up at my door with a meal for my family when her husband was in the hospital too. She did so much more than bring me a meal that day. Or the time I was in charge of the ward party and for whatever reason I was in charge by myself. When it was already too late I realized I wasn't going to be ready in time. Doug threw up a plea on FB and in 5 minutes 5 men were there helping me with tables and everything else so the party was ready on time. And I will never forget the sister that was in the kitchen doing dishes the whole night. This party had nothing to do with her, she was serving, but again did so much more than do dishes for me that night. There are so many people that have strengthened me, have been examples to me, and have loved me. They have helped me raise my children, they have taught me through their actions how to love and serve. As we pack up and move this week our hearts are full of gratitude to everyone here who has influenced us for good. I know there are many who will never know the respect and love I have for you, but to anyone who ever reads this. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.....

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lehi Home photos

In April we got this crazy idea to put an offer in on a home in Eagle mountain. It wasn't just any home. It was the home that we wanted to build 6 years ago. We had never actually seen this home before only the plans because no one had built this house yet. We spent so much time planning this home back in the day and we so we wanted to go out and look at it. Immediately I knew that it was our home! I was so certain that we were supposed to move there 6 years ago, but for reasons that need a full blog post on their own, we backed out of the deal! When we were trying to decide if we should put an offer in on the home, the very strong feeling came to me that it was time to go. We decided to call the same real-estate agent that my neighbor used last year because he sold the house the first weekend for more than asking price. We went out with him one more time to see the house and put an offer in that night. That was Monday night. We started getting our house ready to sell as quick as possible and by Friday morning ours was on the market! Friday night we had our first 2 showings and then on Saturday we had showings all day long (I think about 12). That night we had 5 full price offers. We rejected all of them and gave them a "multiple offer notice" and told everyone to come back with their best offer by Monday at 6. On Monday we had showings most of the day (everyone who put in an offer came back to look at the house again). By Monday night we had 6 offers to go through. It was all very exciting. We ended up getting 7,000 above asking price. This same day we found out that we were expecting baby #7!! It was a crazy day to say the least :) Since I found out I was pregnant I really wanted to do a rent back until we were able to move into our new home in Eagle Mountain. (we thought it would take longer to sell our house so we put in the offer contingent upon the sell of our home with a closing date of June 2nd). Anyway the offer that we accepted was willing to let us close on our current home and rent back for 6 weeks (which ends this week). I am amazed by the perfect timing of everything including my pregnancy. I was able to spend my 7 weeks of sickness here in my home in my neighborhood where I have so much support. I was also able to sell the house before I got sick!!! I am so nervous to leave this neighborhood that I love so much, but there have been so many things and people placed in my life lately that have let me know that we can bloom where we are planted and it has given me the faith to leave somewhere that I am so comfortable.

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Deseret News!!

On July 14, 2013, I did another Half Marathon. This one was extra fun because Mom, Dad, Julianne, JJ and me all did it together. Well we didn't run it together, but it is such a process to do these races. I'll tell about my race and then copy my mom's blog for the rest of the story. This race like all the other's I have done was well prepared for. I worked hard all year losing weight (I lost about 55 of my 60 pounds I needed to loose from Sierra) and I was running a ton. This was my 3rd 1/2 marathon and I still hadn't been able to beat the 2 hour mark. I knew Julianne was faster than me, but told her I would run with her as long as I could. Up at the top it was freezing cold and we had to wait around a long time to actually start. I was still nursing Sierra so I tried to pump a little bit but it was too cold. Not a good combo ;) Anyway just before the race most of us got split up, it was pretty crazy up there. I was still with Julianne and we started off running together. I was having a great day and feeling of top of the world. We ran our first 7 miles together and I think we were keeping about a 7-8 minute mile. Julianne kept telling me we needed to slow down, but I was running as fast as I could :) I absolutely love the feeling of being well trained for a race and running down the canyon (most big races run down canyons). About mile 7.5 I started getting really tired so I told Julianne to go on ahead. I could see her for a while, but eventually she ran out of view. I listened to Taylor Swift the whole time, she is my go to running friend :) I remember one time around mile 8, it happened. It has happened a lot before, it is always in a race when I feel it. It is what everyone describes as a Runner's High. Usually it makes me cry. It almost feels like you are floating and you feel amazing! When I feel like this, it is mostly gratitude. To be back on the road again after another baby, another pregnancy. To have a body that can run. I'm so grateful that my parents taught me to run all those years ago. I have officially been running races for 26 years now!! I have never been fast. I don't care. 1/2 my family is incredibly fast, that's not me. I don't even time myself most of the time (the only reason I knew our pace here was because of Julianne). About mile 10 I knew I was going to make the 2 mile mark. I called Doug (he had to get all the kids up and dressed and to the finish line, not to mention walk over a mile because of the parade by like 7:30 am) anyway I called him several times because I really wanted them there. He was running with all the kids to try to beat me there. By mile 10 there was no more down hill and I was really slowing down. The 1:40 pacer passed me, the 1:50 pacer passed me. It's hard to know your exact time because your time starts the second you cross the start line. Running down the parade route was fun, but most of the people weren't even awake yet. When I hit the final stretch my whole family was there. Julianne and JJ had already come in and Julianne yelled for me to sprint so I could make the 2 hour mark. I was really tired by then and started crying a little bit. The 2 hour pacer passed me and beat me by about 10 seconds. Right as I was finishing the 1st marathoner was coming in so there were police men everywhere and people cheering like crazy. I felt silly coming in with him :) I was so happy to be finished. My kids were all so cute running in with me and it was so much fun to have almost my entire Orgill family there!! I'm so thankful for Doug who supports my running and takes care of everything at home during my months of training! When my final time came in I finished about 1:58:00!! I had two minutes to spare :) Julianne finished exactly 10 minutes before me and JJ finished exactly 10 minutes before her!! I can't remember my parents time!  I was so excited, now I can stop trying to beat that 2 hour mark!! :) It has been 8 months now since I have run this, and I haven't run more than 5 miles since that day, but I'll get back, I just need to sign up for another race. Maybe next year !!

we left the house at 3 am and drove up to Rice Eccles stadium and met Rochelle there
We loaded to buses shortly after
we sayt down in the back of the bus
Me and Joe all set up in our seat
Now a picture of JJ, Julianne and Rochelle, all smiles so far
I took this picture from the back of the bus and the bus driver got on the inter-calm and said to not take pictures becuase it blinds her and she doesn't want to get in an accident, whoopsy, of course people turned around and looked at me and of course I looked around like it wasn't me
We got to the start spot and we immediately got in line for the porta potties  
It was so cold up there, we had and hour and a half before the race was to start, I found this small piece of Mylar and we took turns huddling in that
JJ looks a bit cold and Rochelle had her snuggy warm sweat shirt on
JJ finds a seat
We had fun visiting while we waited
Finally at 6 am the race starts

Joe came in an hour after me, he was the oldest runner in the race
Julianne finished in on hour and 45 min
She was there to give Joe an hive five when he finished
Joe has to stop his watch, we can't have it longer than it was
So cute, Hunter running with his mom the last little bit, 
Rochelle got a bit choked up when she saw her family waiting at the finish line, she finished at 1 hour 58 min
JJ ran it in on hour and  and 35 min, he was cruzin 
Rochelle and Julianne ran together for the first half of the race, they had too much fun
What a fun thing it was to have the grandkids run the last bit of the race with me, It gave me the strength I needed to finish, I love it
Davey said, hey, kiss your participation badge, so we did 
We made it!, We got interviewed by channel 4 news, We must have been a sight I guess, We watched the news later but we never made it on, oh well, it was fun anyways/
Everyone running grandpa in , what an amazing sight! I love it!
JJ , Davey and Zade ran the last mile with dad, sooooooooooo cute! I love it and love the support

Julianne is flying
JJ is flying
Joe gets his picture at the end of the race, I love Kaylee looking at grandpa like he is amazing
Me and dad got smiles, all done, whew
Me at the finish line with the grandkids that ran in with me, so cute, I love it
Picture of our feet and me barefoot
Banana's at the end of the race
Thought there were drinks in there and found a guy sitting in the ice water
the kids sure had fun on this jumpolene while the parade was going on and we were waiting for all the runners to come in
Sierra having fun on daddy's shoulders, so cute
Little Naomi has smiles for grandma, so cute that she was smiling so cute
we all got participation ribbons
jumpolene and Popsicles what more do you want
Dalan found a good spot

Kaylee found a good spot

Chell's kids all supporting their mom and so glad she made it